Rose support in herb garden by Helen Allison Garden Design
View across herb garden by Helen Allison Garden Design
Clay paver path through herb garden by Helen Allison Garden Design
Herringbone brick design by Helen Allison Garden Design

Traditional Herb Garden


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The use of box-hedging and clay-pavers laid ‘on edge’ in a herring-bone design imparts a traditional look and feel to this herb garden.  The clay pavers add character, having a hand-made and aged look, even though they were brand new and mass-produced!  The rose support adds height, structure, and year round interest, and the rusted patina blends well with the clay pavers.  Traditional herbs (i.e. lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, tarragon, dill, parsley, mint and chives), are supplemented with other flowers (i.e. alliums, love-in-the-mist, roses and pinks) to add more colour and interest throughout the season.  Different varieties of sage, mint, marjoram and thyme are blended in the design to increase both the visual and culinary interest for the client.

Helen has been excellent to work with, her ideas and designs were inspiring and the completion of work was very professional …

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