Bowden copper fountain garden by Helen Allison Garden Designer
Bowden Fountain Garden by Helen Allison Garden Designer
Bowden Fountain Garden by Helen Allison Garden Designer
Garden designed by Helen Allison Garden Designer

The Bowden Fountain Garden

LOCATION | Newmarket

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This small garden in a built up area has been transformed into a veritable oasis of calm by this design, which hinges around a split-level raised pond featuring a splendid copper fountain designed by the wonderful Humphrey Bowden.  The fountain is the focal point of this small space,  and the strong geometry of the design ensures that your eye is drawn to it wherever you are in the garden, taking attention away from the boundary fencing.  The impact of the fencing is further diminished by verdant planting, with plenty of tall shrubs and small trees, taking the eye upward and away from the perimeter, this also creates  a sense of space, making the garden feel much larger than it really is.  The fountain continues to look spectacular when it is switched off in the winter, particularly so on a frosty morning…….


A focal point gives the eye somewhere to rest, and can really enhance a space beyond the sum of its parts.  A focal point can be created by plants, especially topiary/clipped specimens, sculpture, furniture, urns/planters, water features, buildings, and of course, fountains!

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