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Following a lifelong passion for plants and a career in plant science spanning almost 20 years, I took the plunge in 2002 into the more creative world of garden design. Having studied for a Garden Design Diploma and spent several invaluable years working alongside some of the very best designers and landscapers, I have been involved in a large number of diverse projects, from a tiny green roof to an enormous natural swimming pool, and have designed and overseen the build of dozens of gardens.

Soft and natural styling


My philosophy is that gardens should be both attractive and practical, and they should deliver pleasure throughout the year. My layouts are generally simple, with unpretentious styling. I like to use natural materials of good intrinsic quality and finish. I design gardens to sit comfortably with the landscape and existing architecture, and of any size, from a ‘tiny town’ to a ‘large country’ garden.

This one is not for our climate - exotic gardens only!


Each bed or border is a bespoke solution, placing a high emphasis on plants that are well-suited to the local soil and climate conditions, resulting in the fast establishment of strong and healthy plants, greatly reducing your costs and time needed for plant maintenance.

Client input is essential for the best results

client relationships

Developing relationships with the people I work with is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I am determined that my gardens succeed on every level for my clients; the aesthetic, the practical and not forgetting the fun! A thorough, conscientious approach, tailored to the individual, typically results in building-up trusting, collaborative, and long-lasting relationships with my clients.